Olly Murs chases a girl down the Venice Beach boardwalk in his latest video for 'Heart Skips a Beat.' She pretends she's not interested in the singer, but viewers can tell she secretly enjoys being serenaded.

Venice Beach is known for its colorful shops and interesting characters, but Murs remains fixated only on the young woman as she walks past pedestrians, bicyclists and retail stores on the boardwalk. He woos her by singing the catchy tune, but initially she resists his efforts.

Murs makes a keyboard player appear out of thin air to back up his vocals and even presents the girl with a rose that he steals from a vendor (we saw that, Olly!), but she remains unmoved. Finally, she succumbs to the Brit's charm and dances with him as he sings, "So come on, spin me around / Now I don't wanna go home / 'Cause when you hold me like this you know my heart skips, skips a beat."

The new 'Heart Skips a Beat' video is the second one Murs has issued for the song in the U.S. When the single first dropped, he released a humorous soccer-themed video, but Murs and his label probably made a good decision to re-shoot, since Americans love beaches and girls a whole lot more than they love soccer.

'Heart Skips a Beat' is the lead single from Murs' U.S. debut 'Right Place, Right Time,' which fans can buy online or in stores on Dec. 4. The track has entered the Top 30 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart and is continuing to gain airplay.

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