This store would supply a massive need for many adults and families in the Gallatin Valley area. 

Bozeman is a place where even though prices for real estate have been skyrocketing, this hasn't stopped national businesses from entering the market. We have reported on the outdoor company Backcountry is opening a store in Downtown Bozeman, we've discussed what national companies would do well in Bozeman, and what non-local businesses locals want to see come to the Gallatin Valley

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With all of these developments, it's obvious that Bozeman is becoming an attractive area for incoming businesses, There is one box store that I would love to see come to Bozeman not only because I believe it would be successful, but there is one place where they should build their store. 

The one box store I would love to see come to the Bozeman area is Dick's Sporting Goods. Dick's Sporting Goods is a national sporting goods chain that carries everything from shoes to gear to even equipment year-round. Plus, Dick's carries all national brands, has exceptional customer service, and would provide an essential service to the Gallatin Valley. 

Dick's Sporting Goods Reports Record Quarterly Earnings, Driven By Online Sales
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We do have local stores like Bob Ward's and Universal Athletics, but Dick's Sporting Goods would have a vast selection of gear and shoes for people to choose from daily. Some folks might point out there is a Scheels a few hours away in Missoula and Billings, but the Gallatin Valley needs its sporting goods store too. 

Where would this Dick's Sporting Goods go? Well, Bozeman is crowded with stores, but there is one spot that would be perfect. If Dick's Sporting Goods were to build their store in the new Bozeman Airport area where the new hotel and other businesses are currently underway, it would be a home run. 

So what do you say? Do you think this is a good idea? 

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