From the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office:

On Sunday August 19, 2018 at around noon, we received a tip from a fisherman. Members of the Park and Gallatin County Sheriff’s Offices immediately responded to the scene and recovered the body of James Anderson from the Yellowstone River near Springdale.

We are thankful to be able to return James to his family. When such an unimaginable tragedy occurs, it reminds us of what really matters: family and friends. We have many thanks to share in the days to come but we are truly blessed to live in a place where people genuinely care about each other, even when strangers. Thank you all for the overwhelming support!

Sheriff Scott Hamilton, PCSO

Sheriff Brian Gootkin, GCSO

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UPDATE: 8/10

The search continues for James Anderson, son of Gallatin County Sheriff's Office Captain Jim Anderson, who was involved in a deadly boating accident back on July 27th on the Yellowstone River.

Angie Anderson (mother of James) died in the accident, while his father and sister were able to make it back to shore. Almost two weeks into the search for James, dropping waters levels are now creating a challenge for searchers.

This week two boat teams and two dog teams have been working to find James. Ravalli County Sheriff's Search & Rescue patrolled the river in a Zodiac from Springdale to Fox Run and back, and a Thunderjet boat was used to work dog teams in areas of interest closer to the site of the accident. The river levels are continuing to drop, which is presenting some challenges in some areas for the jet boat.

In a statement released this week, Park County Sheriff Scott Hamilton thanked the community and local businesses for its support, and he said they are committed to doing their very best to find James. "I am extremely proud of all those involved in this mission," Sheriff Hamilton said. "Their dedication is unwavering."


Searchers continue looking for James Anderson today. Twenty-five volunteers, several deputies from Park and Gallatin counties, one dog, a helicopter, and a drone searched the river from several miles east of Springdale to the Highway 89 Bridge without finding him on Tuesday.

According to Brad Bichler of the Park County Sheriff's Office, "everyone involved feels frustrated that we haven’t been able to find James. River searches are complex and always take large amounts of manpower and resources. They can last for weeks but every time we hope this one will be different and we will find the person sooner. Our hearts go out to James’s family and we are working hard to provide them and the community with closure as soon as possible."

UPDATE: 7/30

The search for a missing boater on the Yellowstone River has now turned into a recovery.

Since Friday evening, nearly 150 people have participated in the search for James Anderson. Over the weekend there were thirteen boat teams, twenty ground crew, eight dogs, three divers, a helicopter and a drone searching the river from Mayor’s Landing to Columbus.

As the search shifts into recovery, crews will be reducing the size of the teams but the search will continue.

Gallatin County Sheriff's Office
Gallatin County Sheriff's Office

The sheriff's office says that the river has now reopened. They also say that they appreciate everyone who has respected the closure on this summer weekend.

More updates will be made as additional information becomes available

Original Story:

According to the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office, a woman is dead and a boy is still missing after a drift boat capsized on the Yellowstone River, near Livingston, on Friday.

The woman has been identified as the wife of Gallatin County Sheriff's Office Captain Jim Anderson. The couple's son is still missing as search and rescue crews are on the scene looking for him.

Gallatin County Sheriff's Office
Gallatin County Sheriff's Office

There are currently six ground crews with two dogs combing the shores, a dive team and seven boats with four dogs searching the river, and two helicopters and drones searching from the air. Two Bear Air, Gallatin County 911, Gallatin County Emergency Services, the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, and Salvation Army are also assisting with the effort.

The following statement was released by the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office:

Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jim Anderson was involved in the boat accident that occurred on the Yellowstone River yesterday in Park County. Jim’s wife Angie passed away on the scene. Jim and his daughter were able to make it to shore safely, but their son James is still missing. Jim and his family want to thank all of the emergency responders and Search & Rescue volunteers for their efforts in attempting to find James. Sheriff Gootkin stated, “Family is everything, it’s why we do what we do and it’s also why it hurts that much more when it’s our family. We hurt for Jim and his family. They have a long, difficult road ahead but they are not alone. We will help and support them no matter what they need or how long it takes.” A special thanks to Park County Sheriff Scott Hamilton, his Office, and everyone involved in the search for James. We ask that the public not respond to the scene to assist. We have all the help we need at this time.

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