How many times have you seen the One Direction movie 'This Is Us'? Once? Twice? Five times (once for each member of the band)? Well, get ready to see it again!

A special, extended cut of the concert documentary will be hitting theaters starting Friday (Sept. 13), featuring 20 minutes of unseen footage. Four songs that don't appear in the original version of the film will also be included. The best part? Those songs will be chosen by the fans!

"We're overwhelmed by the response to the film, so we're thrilled to be able to release this extended cut of the film for One Direction fans," says Jeff Blake, chairman of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution for Sony Pictures.

Fans are being asked to tweet their song choices to @1DThisIsUs. The most requested tunes will be included in the new cut of the film.

'This Is Us' has made nearly $50 million worldwide so far ... how much of that is money you've forked over personally, Directioners? Will you be seeing the movie again?