Times are certainly changing in Bozeman. Many places that have existed for decades are no longer around. Even some of the places that still exist just aren't the same anymore.


Bozeman has quite a few awesome breakfast spots. Many of them have been around for years and have earned a solid reputation. One of the more popular places for breakfast in Bozeman is the Nova Cafe downtown. The restaurant first opened in 2005 and has been filling the bellies of Bozemanites ever since.

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Nova Cafe is known for delicious food made from scratch using ingredients sourced locally and regionally whenever possible. The restaurant has built a great reputation throughout the years, and now you have the opportunity to continue its legacy.

The Nova Cafe has been listed for sale. If it has been your life-long dream to own your own restaurant, this is your chance.


Here's what the listing on the Bozeman Real Estate Group website says;

The Nova Café is a long-established Montana restaurant located in downtown Bozeman. With over 20 years of successful management, it is a fun and energetic atmosphere located on Main Street. Offering hand-crafted food with standard fare and unique items to Nova, this restaurant has a very solid history of profitability.

You'd expect a price tag of $1 million or more for a business in downtown Bozeman, but you'll be happy to know that the Nova Cafe is only listed for $700,000 with a lease in place. You can't even buy a house for that in town. Click here to view the listing.

Let's hope that whoever purchases the Nova Cafe doesn't change anything. We love it exactly how it is.

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