Montana is full of places that are rumored to be haunted, and this place is literally straight out of a horror film. Just a fair warning, reading about it may give you nightmares.

The Montana State Orphanage in Twin Bridges, Montana first opened in 1894. It was later renamed the Montana State Children's Center. The orphanage housed over 5,000 children over 81 years until it finally closed in 1975. According to Only In Your State, the orphanage has a dark history.

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Just driving by the old abandoned buildings in Twin Bridges is enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Want to know about its haunted history? The crew from Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel visited the Twin Bridges Orphanage to investigate paranormal activity.

Twin Bridges Orphanage

History of the Twin Bridges Orphanage

After Montana's mining boom in the 19th century, many families were left in poverty. A lot of children were placed in the Montana State Orphans Home, later renamed the Montana Children's Center.


Leslie Adams is the current owner of the property and has lived there since 2007. She claims to have heard children singing inside the abandoned buildings. We decided to reach out to Adams to learn more about the Montana Children's Center. She said she doesn't get creeped out by the old buildings anymore and provided the following statement.

Happy thoughts lead to happy places.


In 2018, Adams invited the crew from Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures to investigate reports of paranormal activity. On the show, they claimed to catch two spirits on camera.

Some of the children who went to the orphanage never left. There have been multiple reports of neglect and abuse. In the Twin Bridges cemetery, there's a plaque with a list of names commemorating the children who died there.

Many of the buildings that still stand are rundown and dilapidated, but there are still remnants of the days of the orphanage. Old pairs of shoes, abandoned theatres and swimming pools are all relics of the past.

For more information about the Montana Children's Center, click here.

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