Paul Rudd played Dan Charles, One Direction's No. 1 fan, on last night's (Dec. 7) episode of 'SNL.' Charles, who is married with kids, didn't just fangirl over 1D. He fanadulted!

It was creepy, slightly inappropriate and played to perfection by Rudd, who had demonstrated his fangirl nature over 1D in previously released promos for the ep.

Surrounded by tons of Directioners, Rudd, wearing his too-tight 1D tee, schooled the girls on their trivia and lead them in chants of Harry Styles' name and broke the news that Niall Horan is a natural brunette. He also broke up the syllables of "One Direction" so it emphasized "erection" during a chant. Hey-yooooooooooo!

In the space of the skit, he names his newborn son Zayn and lost his you-know-what when he met the band, not even pretending that he had a daughter that was their biggest fan.

Dan is 1D's No. 1 fan and a complete and total stan.