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Post Malone Gifts Everyone at His Old High School a Pair of Crocs

Post Malone recently joined the list of celebs who have created their own custom line of Crocs... and the rapper made sure to gift a new pair to every single student and faculty member at his old high school, Grapevine High School in Texas. (via TMZ)

Survey Finds People Are Using Emojis at Work

A recent survey found that 77 percent of Americans have used emojis at work in the past few months. But 31 percent also say that some people still believe using emojis at work is unprofessional. What do you think? (via Clutch)

COVID-Themed Pick-Up Lines Are Now a Thing

COVID-19-themed pick-up lines are apparently a trend, at least on Tinder. Just imagine someone telling you they're "looking for someone to pump up my heart rate so my glasses fog with my mask on." Does that, uh, do it for you? (via New York Post)

Gabourey Sidibe Slams Twista for Bullying Her

Gabourey Sidibe slammed rapper Twista for bullying her after he posted a body-shaming meme comparing her to another woman. In response, the Oscar-nominated actress referred to him as a "rapper she forgot about in 2005." Ouch! Good thing Twista apologized. (via TMZ)

Ariana Grande Announces Netflix Sweetener Tour Movie

Ariana Grande announced on Twitter that a tour film based on her Sweetener World Tour is coming to Netflix on December 21. See more details below:

Top 100 Trending Gifts of 2020, According to Google

For those stuck on what to gift this year, Google has revealed their list of the top 100 trending gifts for 2020! Some gift ideas include the new Barbie Dream House, the Coldest Water Bottle and more! Check out the list for other ideas of what to give this holiday season via People.

Russians Told Not To Drink After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine 

The prime minister of Russia advised people who plan on getting the Sputnik V vaccine to abstain from drinking alcohol for 42 days in order for the vaccine to work. Thankfully, no such precautions have been advised for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines in the U.S. (via TMZ)

Taylor Swift Donates $13K to Struggling Moms

Taylor Swift recently donated $13,000 to two moms who are unemployed and struggling to keep up with bills this holiday season due to the coronavirus. The Singer took to their GoFundMe pages to offer sweet words of hope and make a generous donation. (via TMZ)

Jessica Simpson Producing Her Own TV Series

Jessica Simpson has teamed up with Amazon Studios to create a "fictionalized" docuseries inspired by her life and new memoir. We can't wait to watch! (via Page Six)

Jeffree Star's Sexual Assault Accuser Reportedly Received $45K

Newly leaked documents claim that Jeffree Star's sexual assault accuser was paid a sum of $45,000 by a Jeffree Star Cosmetics executive. (via Yahoo!)

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