We are a mere four days away from the 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 finale 'A is for Answers' (4x24) so what do the Canadian promo and the official sneak peek tell us about what we can expect?

As per usual, proceed with caution. There be spoilers below.

First things first, the promo (above) in which the Liars are finally reunited with Ali, who says she is ready to tell them everything. They haven't been promoting the episode with the hashtag #AliTellsAll for nothing.

In the video we see Ali apologize to Aria, Mr. Hastings cryptically mention to someone that they're looking for Spencer, but not accusing her (who could he be talking to!?!), and plenty of the recently missing from the series Melissa Hastings. Is she there in real time or only in flashback form?

Either way, good to see so many familiar faces are back for this monumental finale, which promises to contain the "most shocking moment in Liar history."

And if you thought the promo was surprising, the sneak peek (below) is even more so, because Hanna tells Ali that they think her mother is the new 'A.' When Emily mentions that Alison doesn't seem surprised by this news, their friend responds, "It's complicated."

After which she sits down to tell them about the night she disappeared. All the suspense.

The finale will air on ABC Family at 8PM ET on March 18. Which if you ask us is not soon enough.