With 39 solo studio albums, a prolific songwriting career and numerous film and TV credits, Prince was a cultural force. He was also a mortal human man, one who kept many women in his orbit in his over 35-years-long career — and most were as talented as they were beautiful.

From his fruitful early creative (and intermittently romantic) relationships with Vanity and Apollonia to his two ex-wives, Prince's romantic history is full of fascinating stories. Many people, like Carmen Electra — who got her stage name from the Purple One himself — seemed to have a tough-to-define bond with the artist. One of his two wives even divulged some downright bizarre details about their marriage. Yet the ten women above share one thing in common: Nope, not dark hair, though that is a recurring trait. It's that they all remember Prince as a dynamic man they were lucky to meet.

Check out the gallery above for a refresher course on Prince's love life, intertwined as it often was with his professional life.

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