Following reports that a dead body was found at a home that was owned by Rick Ross, police have confirmed that the rapper is not a suspect in the case. A Miami detective told MTV News on Wednesday (Feb. 29) that Ross is not a suspect, nor is he being sought for questioning.

According to Miami Gardens police, a 39-year-old man, identified as Gregory Paul Nesbitt, was shot and killed outside of the house early Wednesday morning. Ross is listed in Miami-Dade property records as the owner of the home although he does not live there.

Authorities do not know why Nesbitt was at the house and are still investigating the homicide. Apparently, the house is used as a recording studio and friends stay there to record from time to time. So it looks like the Maybach Music Group honcho is definitely in the clear.

Meanwhile, Ross is headed to court soon to fight a legal battle over his rap name. Former cocaine kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross is suing the rapper again claiming that he is unlawfully profiting from his name. The case was initially dismissed in 2010 but the case has been reopened with a trial date set for early May.

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