Members of the Navy — Rihanna's fan base — went wild after they recently spotted their fave on the streets of Brazil. However, many were left disappointed upon learning they did not actually interact with the "Diamonds" singer, but rather an imposter.

A Rihanna impersonator caused a stir after she was spotted walking around Brazil with a fake security team in tow. The lookalike posed for photos and even allowed a fan to kiss her seemingly pregnant belly.

She also gave an interview (in fluent Portuguese, according to Madame Noire) to a reporter.

Footage from the encounter has since gone viral on social media. Some have pointed out that this was possibly a prank arranged by a news station since A$AP Rocky was in the country for a performance.

Check out a fan video as well as media footage from the imposter's impromptu meet and greet below:

Fans took to social media to react to the viral videos.

One Navy member on Twitter put it best. "I mean come on y’all…you think robyn rihanna fenty would let some random woman off the street..rub her belly," they wrote.

After all, Rihanna, the queen of the Twitter clapback, doesn't strike us as someone who would be down with strangers getting that close to her bump.

Others pointed out it was likely the work of the Rihanna impersonator Priscila Beatrice.

For what it's worth, Beatrice does appear to have claimed credit for the prank. She posted a TikTok on her account, @priscila.beatriceoficial, late last week. It includes additional footage of "Rihanna" wearing a black hat and interacting with fans.

"It's like she was Brazilian, she came by bus and even did some shopping on March 25 lol," the caption reads, according to a translation provided by Google.

Check out her video below:

Scroll through some of the best Twitter reactions to the lookalike, below:

The actual Rihanna, meanwhile, caused a commotion of her own after she was spotted last week wearing what some believed was an engagement ring.

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