Thanks to Robert De Niro, the 2018 Tony Awards were — fittingly — the source of a bit of drama Sunday night (June 10).

While introducing a musical performance by Bruce Springsteen at New York City's Radio Music Hall, the legendary actor and director went a bit off-script. Still, viewers weren't sure precisely what he'd said, because it was bleeped.

But thanks to Twitter and a good ol' fashioned uncensored Australian broadcast, we found out.

In the video above, as De Niro triumphantly raises his fists, he shouts "I'm gonna say one thing: f--- Trump!"

The audience initially responds with incredulity, but soon, they're cheering, with many rising to their feet. Then, De Niro says it again, and again, with arms raised.

"It's no longer 'Down with Trump.' It's 'F--- Trump!'" he shouts.

The sentiment received huge reaction on Twitter, too, where some users even considered making the bit of dialogue into a ringtone.

"So… I’m not the only one who’s watched this several times! I don’t even know how many times I’ve replayed it but my husband’s getting annoyed because he’s trying to watch TV. The ringtone idea is awesome! I would pay $5 (maybe more) for that ringtone/text tone!" one wrote, while another noted "The standing ovation made it even better!"

2018 Tony Awards: Red Carpet

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