The usually good-natured Robert Pattinson got extremely disgusted with paparazzi this weekend, and it led him to shoving a security guard -- something that's not the affable star's usual M.O. What happened?

Pattinson was leaving the Troubador in Los Angeles with pals on Friday night (Aug. 16), and he was having an understandably tough time navigating his way to a waiting car. There was a slew of photographers waiting and snapping photos -- with flash -- in his face, which would blind anyone in that situation, let alone someone who may have had a few drinks.

The star was trying to swat and dodge his way to the vehicle when he shoved a club security guard's face, mistaking him for an overly aggressive photographer. Again, it was an understandable mistake, considering it was probably impossible for R-Pattz to see what was going on -- the guy just wanted to get in the car and go home!

Pattinson has had a difficult relationship with the paparazzi since he first skyrocketed into fame with 'Twilight.' The same snappers who constantly hounded him and his ex, Kristen Stewart, also helped him eventually learn the truth about her affair and move on from the oft-scowling starlet.

The guard, thankfully, understood what was happening and didn't seem upset ... but if you take a gander at Pattinson's mug in the video above, it's clear that the 'Cosmopolis' actor was not happy with the situation -- especially after paps had the nerve to ask him why he "attacked" the guard.

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