It seems like being rude and disrespectful towards visitors is the new normal for some Montanans, and it's sad to see. Montana is full of kind and caring individuals, but you may not know it if you read through comments on social media.

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More often than not, questions asked from newcomers to the state on social media are answered with "Go back to where you came from", or "We don't want you here." The folks that constantly post such rude comments are giving Montanan a bad name. Reading comments like that make a lot of people feel unwelcome, and personally attacked.

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Last year, a bumper sticker that read "The Locals Hate You" caused quite a bit of controversy in Montana. Did it go too far? You can read more about it here.

Is This Montana Bumper Sticker Sending the Wrong Message?

I was scrolling through Facebook earlier today and saw an advertisement for a bumper sticker on the side of the page. To be honest, I was a bit surprised. The bumper sticker said, "GTFO" (of Montana). It appeared to be a rip-off of the popular "Get Lost in Montana" stickers that you've most likely seen.

Here's my main issue with the sticker. Does realize how many small business owners in Montana rely on visitors and tourists to survive? If it wasn't for tourism and the revenue associated with it, many small businesses in Montana would be forced to close.

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I understand that a lot of Montanans are fed up with transplants, but we need to keep it civil. It's embarrassing, to say the least. Let's keep it classy, Montana.

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