Actor Ryan Gosling is a man of action. We know that from last year when he jumped in and stopped a violent scuffle that had broken out between two pedestrians in the middle of a Manhattan intersection.

Gosling was patrolling the streets of NYC again yesterday, and this time he may have saved a woman from getting hit by a taxi cab.

Laurie Penny, a journalist from England and near roadkill, documented the ‘Drive’ star’s heroism on her Twitter page. During her explanation we also learned that Penny wears a pink wig and is a big fan of the word “literally.” The more you know.


So did Gosling say “Hey girl,” the catch phrase the internet has invented for the sensitive dreamboat, when he performed his good deed of the day? Because if he did, the Web may just explode.

Close but no cigar. According to Penny, ever since she tweeted the details of her fortunate encounter with the 31-year-old actor she has been besieged with media requests.  And the legend of Gosling grows and grows.