For some reason, people actually want to leave Montana every now and then. Montana is beautiful, but a change of scenery is nice on occasion. So, where do Montana residents travel to the most when they leave the state? According to new data, we have the answer.

Where Do Montanans Travel to The Most on Vacation?

I have always told my friends that there's no place that I'd rather spend a summer than Montana. Literally, it doesn't get much better. However, if you feel the need to travel, and soak up the sun on a sandy beach somewhere, that's fine as well.

Hello Summer

Travel experts at Cloudwards have revealed where Montanans travel to the most when they go on summer vacation. The website listed the top international destinations as well as destinations within the United States. After analyzing Google search data and considering other factors, here's what they found.

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Top International Travel Destination For Montanans


Montana - International

Viva La Mexica! The most popular international summer travel destination for Montanans is Cancun. It's also the top summer vacation destination for Americans overall. Montana is nice, but so is sipping margaritas on the beach.

Top U.S. Vacation Destination For Montanans

Montana - United States

The top summer vacation spot for Montanans in the U.S. is Las Vegas, Nevada. So, why do Montanans love Vegas so much? Flights are super cheap, and there's a lot to do in Sin City. To learn more about the date, click here.

What is your favorite travel destination outside of Montana? Send us a message on our station app and let us know!


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