Leave it to Selena Gomez to take the ever-popular, semi-naked celeb selfie and turn it into something artsy and visually arresting in a classic and classy way.

The singer and actress posted a photo to her Instagram feed that is extremely sexy, thanks to the power of suggestion. It's what you don't see that makes this such a stunning image. No gratuitous nudity here.

Sel appears naked, bathed in sunlight, with her hands in the air while standing in front of a window, with the sheer curtain swirling around her, obscuring her lady parts. Her back is to the camera, so you can just see the shape of her derriere and her famous mane of wavy hair.

The snap should elicit a response or a comment -- perhaps a private, texted one! -- from her on-off ex Justin Bieber, who was entranced by her Oscars attire and let the whole world know how he felt about her.

This photo is so beautiful that once The Biebs picks his jaw up off the floor, he can respond.

You may proceed drooling at Selena's artful, semi-nude pic below.