Montana, like a whole lot of other states, seems to be divided when it comes to opinions on politics, policy, and life choices.

Several Montanans want to live their lives without a lot of interference from others.  They crave minimal interference and aren't big fans of government overreach, which is why I was totally taken aback by some new information that was released when it came to Montanans and our dependence on the government.

It seems that for many Montanans, the government is a huge part of life.  In fact, Montana ranks near the top when it comes to government dependence.

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Our friends at WalletHub have come out with The Most And Least Dependent States For 2023, and Montana is included on the most dependent list. In fact, not only do we rank in the Top 10, but we come in 9th.

Source: WalletHub

So what makes Montana so dependent?

Well, one of the reasons is due to the amount of Federal Contracts that the state receives. Montana is home to two National Parks as well as National Forests, which of course plays a factor when it comes to government dependency.

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The study breaks down dependency into a couple of different categories.  There is a dependency on the state, and there is a dependency on the residents of the state. Montana ranks 7th when it comes to state dependency on the Federal Government and we're 14th when it comes to our resident's dependency.

Here is another interesting fact.  It seems that more "Red" states are dependent on government than "Blue" states. I'm guessing for many that will really come as a surprise and will no doubt be debated.

Credit: WalletHub

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