The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office is concerned about the amount of people that have required rescue assistance in the last couple of years while searching for the Forrest Fenn treasure.

Nearly a decade ago, Forrest Fenn, a New Mexico art dealer and Vietnam War veteran, published a memoir entitled The Trill of the Chase where he described a treasure chest filled with gold, rare coins and jewelry, which he hid somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

The book also provided clues to the treasure trove that has been estimated to be worth in the millions of dollars.

Treasure seekers from all over the world have descended on Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana looking for Fenn's treasure, and some have even died looking for it. This has prompted the Gallatin County Sheriff's Department to issue the following release:

In the last couple years, two people have died, two have been rescued near death, several have had run-ins with local and federal law enforcement, and one told his wife today he was injured but not where he was. The common denominator is that these people were all near Yellowstone National Park and they were all looking for the Forrest Fenn treasure.

Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin has a message for treasure hunters: “You must know that this country is unforgiving if you don’t give it the respect it deserves. Let someone know where you are going – exactly, not some vague geographic area to keep your secret safe – and when you expect to return. Be prepared for the changing weather and wilderness conditions. Many areas have no cell phone service. Mountain streams and rivers are especially dangerous. Bears, snakes, and gravity are found in abundance in our corner of the world.

We encourage everyone to vigorously pursue their outdoor passions, but think like a local. Before you go after the treasure, consider your level of skill, preparation and knowledge of the area. Consider the volunteer hours spent searching if you need to be rescued, and the anxiety of those left at home.”

Everyone loves a good mystery, especially if it involves millions of dollars. But if you do go looking for Forrest Fenn's treasure please do so safely and responsibly. It's not worth dying or injuring yourself over something that may or may not exist.


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