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Shia LaBeouf Got Tatted Up for an Upcoming Movie

Shia LaBeouf is not playing games for his upcoming role in The Tax Collector, in which he will play a tax collector named Creeper. To get into character, the actor actually got his whole chest tattooed! (via People)

Chris Hemsworth’s Jacked New Body Is No Joke

If you needed a reason to watch the new Hulk Hogan biopic, it’s Chris Hemsworth’s even more jacked body. The movie will showcase Hogan's life and his wrestling career, with Hemsworth in the title role. (via TMZ

Juice Wrld’s New Album Debuts Tonight

Juice Wrld’s third solo album, Legends Never Die, will be released tonight. After the release of posthumous single “Life’s a Mess” featuring Halsey, fans have been wondering when the rest of the album will be released. (via Forbes

Harvard Moving Online for the School Year

Ivy League university Harvard has announced that only 40% of their students will be able to attend on campus, while classes will be made available online. Freshmen will be allowed to come to the school in September, but will be sent home in the spring so the seniors can spend one last semester on campus. (via Patch)

Disney+ App Downloaded More Than 500K Times Thanks to Hamilton

Lin Manuel-Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton was released on Disney+ this weekend and more than 500,000 people downloaded the app to watch the release. There are no plans to make Hamilton a motion picture any time soon, but Miranda’s musical film In the Heights will be released next summer. (via Just Jared

Australian Cat Lives Through Washing Machine Accident

Oscar, a two-year-old cat from Australia, decided to take a nap in the washing machine. The owners of the cat did not notice that their cat was curled up in the washing machine until they heard meowing from the washer... after letting it run for a few minutes. Thankfully, the cat survived with no injuries and likely won't ever climb inside a washer ever again. (via People

Kanye West’s Possible Presidential Slogan Is Punny

“West Day Ever” could be Kanye West’s campaign slogan for his apparent presidential run. West has been using the hashtag to promote many things for his brand, so it's possible he may be attempting it for his campaign. (via TMZ)

Watch the New The Kissing Booth 2 Trailer

Watch Netflix's The Kissing Booth 2 trailer and relive everything you loved from the first movie, below.

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