Eddie Cibrian could be a spokesperson for used napkins and dirty socks, and we’d probably buy them. (Okay, so we’re being a little dramatic, but you get the point.) It’s those disgustingly adorable dimples of his. Have him show off those, get him shirtless and lay him across a bed and we’ll have our wallets at the ready.

That’s exactly what the luxury bed and bath brand Charisma had him do to advertise its new Spring 2012 line. What a brilliant move on their part.

Cibrian has been a sex symbol for the vast majority of his career. Even when rumors were flying around that he cheated on his ex-wife Brandi Glanville with his current wife LeAnn Rimes, nobody cared that much ’cause of those dimples. They make you want to reach out and touch them. Try to stop yourself from reaching through the screen when looking at his new ads below.