A plan to install Wi-Fi throughout Yellowstone National Park is creating controversy.

According to Yellowstone National Park,

  • AccessParks is the Wi-Fi service provider that is requesting a permit to locate equipment in Yellowstone National Park.
  • The new wireless equipment would be installed on existing structures in existing developed areas.
  • No towers or antennas will be installed in or servicing backcountry areas.
  • Two microwave antennas would be put on the existing antenna support structure on Mount Washburn. These antennas would deliver service to the developed areas and would not broadcast Wi-Fi to visitors.
  • There will be no new towers installed under this application.
  • The proposal would allow for the installation of 7 to 10-inch antennas to service housing and hotels in developed areas.

Recently, we asked residents how they felt about the proposal. It seems that most people oppose the installation of internet services throughout Yellowstone.

Poll results are below:


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