Gallatin County has launched their new “If we can’t REACH you, we can’t ALERT you!” campaign for emergency notifications. Gallatin County has launched the Community Notification System, as an upgrade to their old mass notification system, to better meet the notification needs of the Gallatin County community.

The Community Notification System provides many new options for people in Gallatin County to receive emergency notifications that previously were not available to emergency officials.

People can now choose many different options on how to be alerted, but they must register in the Community Notification System so they know how to notify you.  Patrick Lonergan, Gallatin County Emergency Manager explains,

“It used to be everyone had land line telephones associated with a physical address.  However today this is the minority and people use a large variety of different tools, not associated with an address, to communicate.  With the Community Notification System we can now send emergency notifications to people the way they want, but they have to tell us what those are.”


People can learn more about alerting with the Community Notification System, and register, by clicking here. Emergency officials in Gallatin County will always do their best to get critical information to those who need it, and with the help of our community registering the notifications will be even quicker.