Don’t do everything you read about on social media.

That’s some advice from the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and 911.

In recent days, the 911 center has been receiving unintentional 911 calls from cell phones, the sheriff’s office said in a news release. After looking into the matter, it was discovered that postings on social media led to the calls.

The posts suggest that if you want to make Siri mad, you should ask her to dial 112. The problem is that 112 is the same as 911 in most of Europe and other countries.

911 Director Kerry O’Connell encourages parents to talk to their children about this and reminds people that all 911 calls are taken seriously.

“If dispatchers and first responders are distracted by non emergency calls it can delay help for those who have true emergencies. The 911 center is always busy and this time of year it can get especially hectic.” she said in the news release.

Sheriff Brian Gootkin added that there can be criminal charges for misuse of 911.

A safer way to make Siri mad? Try asking her what zero divided by zero is, according to The Daily Beast.