It's almost time!  The 3rd annual Spruce Moose Festival is Friday and Saturday at Big Sky Resort!  Here's a few festival tips.

Clothes - ladies here are some IMPORTANT Spruce Moose facts.  Don't wear heals, or wedges, or anything other than shoes you can actually walk in.  Up and down hills, rocks, steps etc.  I promise if you take my advice on this one you will thank me.  Also, it's cold up there at night.  Bring jeans and a hoodie or a coat.  Big Sky at night really does get chilly.  BUT, on the flip side - also bring your swimsuit.  It's awesome to lay out by the Big Sky Resort pool during the daytime.

Water - remember, alcohol is good - so is water.  Again, you'll thank me.

Sunscreen - it's 9,000 feet.  You will sunburn quickly.

Zip Lining - if you're going to do one activity when you're up in Big Sky in the Summer, try zip lining.  It's awesome.  Click here for details! 

Get a room - DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT think you're going to drive home after the show.  The canyon is deadly and not a joke.  Get your friends together and get a room at Big Sky Resort.  Don't take your life, and the life of others, in your hands if you're going to be drinking.  CLICK HERE for rooms. 

2013 Spruce Moose Festival: Featuring Ozomatli, Galactic and Chali 2na, Friday August 30th and Saturday August 31st, at Big Sky Resort. Tickets available at Cactus Records and Online!