One film that has been getting a lot of traction in the news and online is the newly released Prey, the seventh installment of the Predator franchise. This film exclusively debuted on Hulu and has become the most watched film or TV show to be released on the streaming service. 

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The film is set hundreds of years before the first Predator and follows a young Comanche woman who wants to prove herself, and ultimately ends up facing one of the deadliest creatures. The film is beautifully shot, and all the Native American actors crush their performances. I decided to look up the main actress Amber Midthunder, and I was thrilled to find out she has an awesome Montana connection. 

Amber Midthunder has been in films and TV shows for several years, and her father recently guests starred in the Yellowstone prequel series 1883. When I found an interview featuring them both from the magazine Cowboys & Indians a couple of months ago, I found out both of them are members of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation located right here in Montana. 

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That's amazing! Montana has a short history of famous movie stars coming out of the state, and now we get to add one more to the list. Amber Midthunder is a force in this movie, and if you haven't gotten a chance to watch the film yet, you are missing out! It's action-packed and one of the best action films I've seen in years. 

You can watch Prey now on Hulu

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