Happy First Day Of Summer!  At our house, summers seem to fly by!  In the radio world summertime is our busy time, and my boyfriend Ross is a landscaper and works a ton of hours as well.  Add that to 3 weddings, a 10 year reunion, a house remodel, and a trip home to North Dakota - and summer is over.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am excited for each of those events - but there are definitely other things we want to make sure we get to do before the warm weather is gone!  Ross and I sat down and made an actual list - here's what we came up with!

- Swim in Lava Lake - I have been up there before but only on cold days.  I have never actually gotten in the water.  It's a must do.

- Live Concert - Both of us LOVE music - especially live performances.  We want to make sure to get a show in, that I'm NOT working at :)

- Sleep in new tent - We scored a new tent last year on clearance at REI.  Must camp in it at least one night.

- Brewery Follies - Last year there was a group of about 15 of us who went over to Virginia City for the Brewery Follies.  It was one of the best weekends of the summer.  Must do again.