The Super Garage Sale is coming up this Saturday, have you signed up to be a part of it yet?  You know you've been thinking about it. Heck, you've probably planned on doing it all along, just haven't gotten around to it. Well, it's here, so don't miss out on having us talk about your garage sale on the radio this week! Get your garage sale registered for this Saturday right now, right here.

If you're planning to go check out all these awesome garage sales tomorrow, be sure to check out our map showing you where all of the garage sales are going to be. And if you want me to come by and do a live break on the radio from your garage sale, send me an email. Hint: I want to visit the garage sales with fun people!

Saturday is going to be a day for people to make money by having a garage sale and save money by visiting those locations participating in the Super Garage Sale!

Sign up yours right now! And get ready for lots of people to be coming by on Saturday!