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Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Split Up
Try and guess which Two and Half Men star isn't winning now? You guessed it right! Ashton Kutcher is not having the best week. After six years of marriage, Demi Moore has announced she will be splitting with husband Ashton Kutcher. Is the leading role of the hit CBS sitcom cursed?
Bieber May Team Up WIth Ashton For Next Film

To me it feels like Ashton is trying to stay cool by jumping on the Justin Bieber train.  What do you think?
After a major documentary success with 'Never Say Never 3D' and a two-part cameo on 'CSI,' Justin Bieber might be ready for an old-fashioned Hollywood role. According to the LA Times, Bieber a…
No Strings Attached
When the producers decided to make a movie about two "friends" involved in a casual fling with no strings attached, they had you, the audience, in mind. Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher are sure to heat up more than the box office numbers in this Rom/Com. Grab a date and head to …

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