Zac's Montana BBQ Now Open in Livingston
This new BBQ joint in Livingston has been open since March but just hit my radar this week. I had the pleasure of talking with Zac this morning about his new business and trying some of his BBQ. Quite good!
Build Your Own Super Easy Brick BBQ
For next to no money (just the cost of a dozen bricks or so) you can build your own Hibachi style BBQ. We were just complaining about the cost of a new gas BBQ the other day. No need. I have patience with briquettes so why not try this?
First BBQ Of The Year – Check
The temps have been unusually warm this spring, and truth be told I have not been too happy about it.  I am a winter girl thru and thru, and really don't even feel like we got a winter this year.  Yesterday, begrudgingly, I went out to help my boyfriend Ross work on our yard.  I …