Which States Have the Highest Marriage and Divorce Rates?
The 2009 Census reveals that while couples in western and southern states marry more often, they also divorce at a higher rate than those in other areas of the US.
Andrew Cherlin, a professor of sociology and public policy at Johns Hopkins University, said, “Surprisingly, the south and west, which we…
Women Gain Weight After Marriage, Men After Divorce
Getting hitched results in women putting on the pounds, whereas the male waistline is more likely to expand after a divorce.
Researchers from Ohio State University discovered this discrepancy after analyzing a study on the effects marital events had on 10,000 people between 1986 and 2008.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wife Maria Shriver Separate
Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, journalist Maria Shriver, announced their separation Monday evening in a press statement. The statement makes no mention of divorce, but does confirm that the two are no longer living under the same roof:
Christina Aguilera Officially A Single Woman
Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are officially divorced according to a L.A.Court. Christina isn't being slowed by it at all as she will be the coach of the musicians on NBC's singing show "The Voice". The couple had been together for five years before separating in …
Kelsey Grammer’s Ex Not Happy About His New Vows
It's tough ending relationships. And a lot of the times it's even tougher to see him or her move on first. In Camille Grammer's case, she had to watch her ex husband Kelsey Grammer walk down the aisle just a few weeks after they split. And she is not happy.