Two Dogs Dining (VIDEO)
Who needs a laugh?  This one has got it for you!  I absolutely love dog videos, and this one is good!  What's your dogs favorite people food?  Do you sneak them snacks?
Dog Teaches Puppy How To Go Down The Stairs (VIDEO)
We all know that I am a SUCKER for dogs, and this video is possibly my favorite ever.  It shows the trust that young dogs get with the older dogs in the house - and is just cute as heck.  Hey, we all have to take advice from our elders at some point in our lives...
Dog Gets Noise Complaints (VIDEO)
I find this absolutely hilarious!  I have three dogs at home, and I always wonder what they are up to when we're not there!  This doggie is a singer, and plays his own piano accompaniment.  SO FUNNY!

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