domestic violence

Call Deer Lodge Murder What It Is: Domestic Violence
Yesterday I was in a hot rage.
I awoke to headline after headline about a murder-suicide near Deer Lodge where a man shot and killed his partner, their three children then himself. That horrible news struck a nerve, but what made things worse were the headlines associated with the story on its third …
'No More' Campaign Fighting Domestic Violence
With a combined cast of over 40 individuals from all walks of life—entertainers, athletes, government officials and advocates—the 'NO MORE' PSA Campaign offers a simple message.
NO MORE excuses.
NO MORE silence.
NO MORE violence.
In lending their voices to this campaign, the cast i…
Introducing HAVEN!
My name is Elizabeth Porth and I'll be writing a post every couple of weeks on the MY103.5 site.  I work for HAVEN, the domestic violence shelter for Gallatin County. We provide a 24-hour confidential crisis line, 15-bed confidential shelter, legal advocacy, support groups, individual coun…