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Emma Stone Was the Cutest 2012 Oscars Presenter
The 2012 Oscars was Emma Stone’s first time presenting an award and she was super excited. (We’re letting you know just in case you didn’t already get that from her bit.) You know who wasn’t revved up at all, though? Her co-presenter Be…
Great Girl Movie For The Snowy Weekend – The Help (VIDEO)
I was on the couch sick last week, so I took the chance to get caught up on some of the movies that my boyfriend doesn't necessarily want to watch - and one of those was "The Help".  I have to say, I thought this film was awesome.
Here's the official description -
"An aspiring author du…
Is There An End To YouTube? – Vol 1 [VIDEOS]
So I started with one simple video - the best sports sound bites - and then I followed the related videos until I was no long entertained. Where did it take me?
I continued on to the Top Ten Greatest One Liners. I chose this because Zach Gallifinacus was in the featured image...