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Super Entertainment During The Big Game!
I am more excited for this years Super Bowl than I have ever been before.  Not only are my Green Bay Packers playing, the music lineup this year is incredible!  Maroon 5, Keith Urban, The Black Eyed Peas - WAY TO GO Super Bowl planners!  I give you an "A!"
Learn To Ski At Moonlight Basin
You could win the chance to Learn To Ski At Moonlight Basin!  Prize package includes 3 lessons, 3 rentals and 3 lift tickets to Moonlight Basin.  LESSONS START SATURDAY!  At the completion - you'll get hooked up with a Midweek Season Pass to Moonlight Basin...
Journey Into The Backcountry – Step 4
Skiing up hill.  Yes, you read correctly - skiing up hill.  That's a new thought in my noggin.  It kind of goes against everything your body feels and your brain thinks.  But that's what you do in backcountry snowboarding.  OK - so not only do I have to learn how t…
Journey Into The Backcountry – Step 3
The creme of the crop for Backcountry Snowboarding Bindings are the Spark R&D Blaze Snowboard Bindings.  The wonder gadgets are the piece that makes the whole splitboard system work.  They work for cross country skiing into your location, and are what makes your board stiff enough to be able to …
I Am A Happy Camper
Please refer to my blog from last week – I Picked My Football Team – MY 103.5 – 80′s, 90′s and Now.  I officially picked my football team AND THEY ARE HEADED TO THE SUPERBOWL!  How fun!
Now the important stuff.
I Picked My Football Team
This year I have been watching a ton of football.  My boyfriend Ross is a football freak, and well I like to hang out with him so I started paying attention.  After all I thought it would help my cause during hockey season - my sport of choice.  And I officially have a team...The Gree…
Christina Aguilera To Sing At Super Bowl
More news about the Super Bowl!
Christina Aguilera is expected to sing the national anthem at Super Bowl XLV (45). According to, a source says the singer will perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" before the game in Dallas on February 6th...

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