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Two Dogs Dining (VIDEO)
Who needs a laugh?  This one has got it for you!  I absolutely love dog videos, and this one is good!  What's your dogs favorite people food?  Do you sneak them snacks?
Everyone Loves Funny Baby Videos Right?
It usually doesn't take long for a baby to get famous on the internet, and this little munchkin is no exception. All he needs is a little paper ripping action to set him off, and as of late Monday he had over 300,000 people watching. But, he's not the only famous laughing baby. Check out s…
America, The Land Of Lawsuits
If you haven't seen the footage of this lady falling into a mall fountain while texting, we have the video right here! Be careful if you laugh though, she is suing the mall security guard for doing just that. We thought this was a good time to also compile the most ridiculous lawsuits ever and…