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Gift Worth Giving Wedding Giveaway Winners!
Congratulations to Jordan Goode and Justin Clay of Bozeman!  They are the winners of the massive Gift Worth Giving Wedding Giveaway!  They will be getting married in June at the Springhill Pavilion!
According to Larry Stanley - Gift Worth Giving Founder - this is their story...
Gift Worth Giving Wedding Giveaway Finalists!
It's official!  It's down to three couples in the Gift Worth Giving Wedding Giveaway!  Congrats to Aimee Kissel and Gerald Brunckhorst of Belgrade and Bozeman, Jennifer Schrock and Garrison SinClair of Bozeman and Holly Coville and Joshua Watson of Livingston...
Wedding Blog Entry #3: Wedding Dress
I SAID YES TO A DRESS TODAY!!! I can't believe how much FUN it is be a bride! I am so happy and just in love:) I feel so honored to be able to pick out the DRESS of MY DREAMS!! I got my hair done and it looked amazing!!
Wedding Blog Entry #2: Plans
ONLY 130 MORE DAYS- Till we are Mr. & Mrs Tanner and Heidi Lagge!!!! We don't even know where to begin on how we are feeling right now.. It's been 3 days since the big news and we think it's finally starting to really set in that we are having a huge dream come true!!!!
Wedding Blog Entry #1: Excitement!
The first annual Gift Worth Giving winning couple has been chosen and Heidi and Tanner will be getting a dream wedding courtesy of all the sponsors of The Gift Worth Giving Giveaway. The couple is excited and ready to say their vows and are blogging about it right here on My 103.5. Here is their fir…

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