Weekend Box Office Report: The Box Office Goes 'Home'
In one of the strongest box office weekends of 2015 so far, both Home and Get Hard opened strong while Insurgent and Cinderella continued to perform well. This was the rare weekend that literally offered something for everyone, with R-rated comedies and animated family fare exceeding expectations.
Planning Now For Winter House Projects
I have a love/hate relationship with Montana winters. Being outside on the slopes or just sledding with friends on Peets Hill is pure happiness and a huge reason we live here. However, there's A LOT of indoor time too. Filling those hours can be a challenge so I plan ahead in the Fall.
Learning How To Knit
I am a winter junkie.  I love the snow, and with that I love the clothes.  Scarfs, Beanies, Gloves, Sweaters, Slippers - I love them all.  Because of the cost of these items, and how most of the time they almost fit - I have always wanted to learn is how to knit - and this weekend my …
5 Years And I Haven’t Burned Down The House!
Today is a big day for me, it was 5 years ago that I closed on my very first home. 5 years and I haven't burned it down yet - I have flooded it, started it on fire (major oops), painted, repainted, demo'd - It's been puked on and chewed up by the dogs -  I have mowed and cleaned …
Easter Egg Crafts
I have a problem when it comes to decorating my home for a few of the holidays.  One being Easter.  I don't have children, and struggle to find a cute centerpiece for the table right when you walk in my font door.  Here's some fun ones I found online - do you have any Easter…
Britney Spears Buys New Mansion
If I were Britney, I would enjoy buying new real estate a ton!  Think about it - I want a view of the ocean - ok now the mountains - ok now....You have to admit, THAT would be fun!