jason mraz

See + Meet Jason Mraz in Hollywood Contest
Picture rolling down the sunset strip with $500 in your wallet, watching the sunset in the Hollywood Hills before cruising over to the Hollywood Bowl to watch Jason Mraz play. No, you did not just magically become the main character in a SoCal summer flick. MY 103.5 wants to make this rockstar dream…
Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up [MUSIC VIDEO]
I had not yet noticed Jason Mraz grew his hair long both on his head and his face! I'm glad to report the extra hair didn't change his voice one bit. I don't know why it would but I just know it didn't! This video is probably everything you would expect for the slow ballad of &ap…
Weekend Wrap-Up
Just in case you were too busy to catch up with our celebrity friends, we've got everything you need to know right here. No need to scan the magazine covers while in the grocery line after reading this. More inside.