These Celebrities Aren't Great Kissers
Please hold while I pick up the pieces to my dreams. They've shattered all over the floor. A list of the worst kissers in Hollywood has been released. The source: Their co-stars! Take a deep breath, this may hurt.
Best Beach Make-Out Scenes in Movies [VIDEOS]
'From Here to Eternity,' Columbia Pictures
A kiss is a kiss is a kiss – except when it's more than a kiss. Hollywood is famous for its kiss scenes. Whether it's the waves cascading against the sand or the sun shining down in all the right places, some of the most romantic h…
Kissing Vancouver Riot Couple Appear on ‘Today’ Show [VIDEO]
Alex Thomas and Scott Jones, the couple who made headlines after being caught in a kiss at the Vancouver riots last week, appeared on ‘Today’ this morning to tell the story behind the makeout session seen ’round the internet. Jones explained that Thomas had been knocked to the ground by police tryin…