The Six Home Appliances Most Likely To Start a Fire
My fiance and I disagree on this list all the time.  He likes to turn off our small Air Conditioners when we leave the house, and I am always turning the dryer off before we leave the house.  Well, issued a report of the top 6 fire causing appliances in your home.
Learning How To Knit
I am a winter junkie.  I love the snow, and with that I love the clothes.  Scarfs, Beanies, Gloves, Sweaters, Slippers - I love them all.  Because of the cost of these items, and how most of the time they almost fit - I have always wanted to learn is how to knit - and this weekend my …
Pretty New MY 103.5 Studio!
I am super excited, because MY 103.5 has gotten a major studio upgrade!  It's pretty, and it sounds awesome - and it's pretty.  A big THANK YOU to our engineer Dennis for getting everything hooked up!
This is literally making my day...
I Love Decorating For Christmas
It must be a girl thing.  Every year at this time I can't wait to get my house all decorated in everything Christmas!  The only thing left on the list is the tree, and the only reason that is left is because I believe in Christmas tree hunting in the woods, and that takes some time...
Every Friday we are taking a moment to recognize those in our lives and communities that make a difference.  Today's Bubbly Award winner is Sarah Budeski - shes 14 and already making a difference in her world.  Here's the entry we received -
A person we have found to make us smile…
Get Musty Smell Out Of Clothes With Vodka?
I read an article yesterday that said if you want to get the musty out of storage smell out of your sweaters, you should spray them with a few spritzes of straight vodka.  Then hang the sweater in a well ventilated area to dry.  Have you tried this...
NFL 2011 Season – Week Four Recap
It was a record-setting week for several players, and the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions are the only remaining unbeaten teams after week four of the NFL’s 2011 season. Here’s a recap of all the action:
Green Bay 49 – Denver 23
Aaron Rodgers threw for a career-high 408 yards, four touchdown passe…
The Fattiest Foods in America!
YIKES!  Some of these meals really pack an unhealthy punch!  ~Erin
Eating fat won't make you fat any more than eating money will make you rich.
Sure, if you stuff enough cold, hard cash down your gullet, your belly will probably stick out like an overfed oil exec. Same with fat. Fat keeps us full, and…
Best Labor Day Deals
I am ALWAYS looking for good deals - here are a list of good ones for Labor Day! ~Erin
It's sad to realize that the season is winding down. But, indeed, Labor Day is here. That means a farewell to pool parties and summer hours — but heralds the arrival of the Labor Day holiday sales extravaganz…

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