Chelsea Handler Opens Up To Oprah (VIDEO)
I love "Oprah's Next Chapter", and I love Chelsea Handler - so I'm not surprised that I like this clip.  Oprah and Chelsea sat down for an interview, and Chelsea surprisingly (or not, it's OPRAH) opened up to her.  She admitted that she misses her mom and b…
Lance Armstrong Admits To Doping (VIDEO)
Well, after years of Lance Armstrong denying that he ever took enhancement drugs - he has finally admitted to it.  Oprah sat down with him and he for once told the truth.  In the first part of the interview there is a series of Yes and No questions that tell it all...
Lance Armstrong To Do Interview With Oprah
Lance Armstrong has always denied that he took enhancement drugs when he won all of his Tour De France titles - but not many think he may finally admit to using them.  He wants to compete again and he believes that  officials may let him if he comes clean...
Time 100 List Includes Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Oprah
No wonder Justin Bieber hearts you - you have made him one of the most influential people IN THE WORLD!  Really, the WORLD!  How long do you think Bieber Fever will last?
Pop sensation Justin Bieber is just one of many famous faces to make TIME magazine’s annual 100 List, ho…
Steven Tyler On Oprah Today
Well, you can officially add this to the list of things that we never thought we'd say, so here it goes; "Aerosmith front-man and American Idol judge Steven Tyler will appear as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show this afternoon." Ok, that was weird.
Oprah’s Secret
Even Oprah has personal life changing moments.
Lara Salahi - ABC News
For years, Oprah Winfrey has promised her viewers shocking reveals on almost every episode of her show. But none was as extraordinary, especially to Winfrey herself, as finding out she has a half-sister.