Montana is #1 for Healthy Pets
Montana is practically a pet paradise. Miles and miles of wide open spaces to run, plenty of rivers and lakes to jump into, and very little traffic in comparison to bigger cities.
Beware Of Mountain Lions Around Bozeman
I have been in Bozeman a little over two weeks and have already seen a lot of wildlife. One day after I arrived in Bozeman, I saw a black bear up near Bridger Bowl. The house that I'm renting is near Bear Canyon, and I have seen deer and cottontail rabbits on a regular basis...
Dogs And Baths - Always A Funny Combination (VIDEO)
Dogs and baths.  You think they would be easy - but most times they are not.  Dogs like water places like lakes and ponds - but most of them hate baths.  Including my dogs.  This video is a hilarious take (in most cases) of what this experience is like...

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