Bozeman Jury Scam Alert
The Bozeman Police Department WILL NOT be calling you to give you a hard time about missing Jury Duty. Because you didn't. You don't owe anyone any money. Relax.
WARNING! I Got Scammer Phone Call
Yesterday as I was leaving an appointment, I noticed a new Voicemail message from a number I did not recognize.  My heart sank as I listened.  The message said that there was a civil investigation from the National Legal Corporation, gave me a claim number and a phone number to call within…
Officials Warn Of Montana Targeted Debit/Credit Card Scam
Scam artists are back at it again - targeting Montana residents.  Attorney General Steve Bullock released a statement regarding calls about cancelled debit/credit cards. The scammers are saying they are from local banks like The Credit Union and Citizens Bank - and are telling customers their c…