Reading, Writing and…Spelling?
When I was in first grade I remember learning the rules of the alphabet, in between picking my nose, teasing my class mates and raising my hand saying "pick me pick me!" Remember the one "i before e except after c ?"  BTW, that rule only applies to digraphs,…
Horrible Teacher Bully’s Special Need Student
WARNING - this is bad.  Really bad.
It's hard enough on a student to be enrolled in a special needs program and have to deal with other students' bullying, but in this case the worst bully is the special needs teacher. The student secretly films one of the teacher's tirades, vindi…
Returning Soldier Surprises Young Son at School [VIDEO]
We admit it. These things make us misty.
Army Specialist Matthew Peters of Owensville, Missouri spent a year deployed in Kuwait and Iraq, and hadn’t seen his young son, Blake, in more than six months. When he came home, he decided to pop in on the unsuspecting tyke at school for a hug…
Crack Pipe For Show And Tell In Kindergarten?
Show and tell was nearly transformed into a drug lab in a rural Missouri school. A kindergartener in Sweet Springs came to school with a bag of crystal meth and a crack pipe ready to educate his classmates on what his Mom finds very precious.
British School Bans Students from Wearing Makeup
If you think girls these days just grow up too darned fast, you’ll like this.
Shelley College, a secondary school in Britain, thought its female students were painting themselves a little too heavily and spending too much time primping in the bathrooms, so officials banned anyone 16 a…
Jet Powered School Bus Breaks 300 MPH
These guys are a little bit nuts. One would have to have a few screws loose to take a 42,000 horse power engine, put it in a school bus, and then attempt to get the bus over 300 mph! Oh, and they said they want to offer rides to willing volunteers...
5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework
MyTudut, Flickr
Fall means school, and school means homework, and homework –- for many a family -– means stress and arguments. But getting homework done doesn’t have to be a daily battle. Here are a few easy ways for parents to make the routine a little easier for kids.

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