'Seinfeld' Moves to Hulu with Exclusive Streaming Rights
As much as we like to imagen Seinfeld today, Hulu may soon corner the market on Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer’s exploits. The streaming service has announced an exclusive streaming deal for everyone’s favorite show about nothing, moving all 180 Seinfeld episodes onto Hulu for years …
Seinfeld Super Bowl Commercial in the Works? [VIDEO]
The rumor mill has picked up some big news about a 2014 Super Bowl commercial that will reunite the Seinfeld cast at their classic Tom's Restaurant. Is the rumor true? Watch a video of what looks a lot like a commercial shoot right here.
Seinfeld’s ‘Uncle Leo’ Dies At 88
Jerry Seinfeld's favorite Uncle that was always giving him a hard time, Len Lesser, passed away Wednesday night from complications of pneumonia. He will always be remembered for his performance on Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. We've got a classic clip from Seinfeld showing Uncle Le…