New Trend: Beard Ornaments
It's getting festive in the @4PsMarketing office @NuJon @MAINW00D @LukeVKnight pic.twitter.com/9A3dgYSLTe
— Serena W (@SerenaWWong) December 15, 2014
If you have any sort of a beard, you're in for a Christmas Miracle! Beard Baubles has launched and will turn your chin (and upper lip) i…
Get In Shape For "Costume Season". Is This A Thing?
Forget bikini season, it's time for costume season. Subway has a brilliant ad promoting healthy eating so you can fit into your Halloween costume that isn't really a costume - it's a take on a costume. If you've been to any Halloween party in the history of ever, you've noti…
A Wearable Futon? Hello Naps At Work!
The wearable futon looked so ridiculous...until I realized the potential. Imagine feeling a little sleepy at work. Put on your futon and snooze under your desk. What about a cancelled flight causing you to spend the night in the airport? Two words: Wearable. Futon. See? It's genius!
Dad To His Teenage Kids: "This, here, is a dishwasher."
For those parents who are sick of reminding the kids to actually clean up after themselves or help out every once in awhile, this dad will be your new best friend - or, quite possibly, your hero. Frustrated with his kids leaving dishes around for him to clean up, he made a video introducing the teen…
Pre-Bent iPhone 6 Case
Yep, the iPhone 6 Plus bends. You can't put it in your pocket like other phones. Apple calls it a feature instead of a manufacturing defect. Instead of getting upset about it, why not buy a pre-bent case? Problem solved! This is ridiculous, is it not?!
Hero Status: Miniature Rescue By Washington State Firefighter.
photo credit: AMagill via photopin ccThe Lacey Fire Department was called to a house fire where the family was able to make it out safely but there was still more life inside - baby hamsters. Being the true heroes they are each and every day, the firefighters resorted to the Pet Emergency Pocket Gui…
Should Isis Change Her Name?
A little girl's life has completely changed because of ISIS. The reason? Her name is Isis. It's reached the point where Isis' mom feels her little girl will be targeted - if she's not already.
Spreadable Beer!
I sense a tailgate party in our future! Move aside, Nutella, it's time for spreadable beer. Yep, SPREADABLE BEER! I don't know how it tastes but imagine dipping some pretzels in this concoction! Looks like we don't have to wait long to find out what it tastes like.

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