Do You Tip The Housekeeping Staff At A Hotel?
Whether it's for business or pleasure, nothing beats the great feeling of returning to your hotel room to find the bed perfectly made, the toilet paper folded into a neat little point and fresh towels stacked and ready to use. Do you leave a tip for the person who magically made your life?
5 Helpful Tips for a Successful Tax Return
It’s tax time! It can get overwhelming to file all alone. Here are a few resources that might help.
The IRS Website
The IRS’s website, while written in legalese, is the ultimate guide to everything you’ll need to know about your taxes. Here, you can down…
Tips For Your Home During The Cold Weather
I got nervous with all this cold weather and thought it was a good idea to take a look around my home to make sure it was good to go, and found this great article!  While you can't change the weather, you can minimize some of winter's biggest threats to your home.
Choosing The Right Tire
Hello, my name is Kevin Griggs and I will be writing a blog about once a week about Auto Tips and Tricks.  I have been the auto mechanic for Townsquare Media for awhile now, and am proud to say our mechanics have over 35 combined years of experience.  Feel free to contact me anytime with q…