Taylor Swift didn’t get the role of Eponine in the big screen version of ‘Les Miserables’ and now the pop country crooner can add insult to injury, as she secretly began seeing ‘My Week With Marilyn’ actor Eddie Redmayne, who has already been cast in the film. But it just didn’t work out.

Apparently, Swift, who has endured a string of failed, high-profile relationships, kept this romantic dalliance a bit under wraps. A source told Us Weekly that the duo spent time together in New York City with the film’s executives. “Taylor developed feelings for him fast,” the source said.

Things crashed and burned as quickly as they began. Swift, 22, and Redmayne, 30, kept in touch after he returned to his native U.K. The source said, “Taylor loved this image of a British boyfriend” and while we agree that Brits are cute and cheeky, that’s likely not the reason that Swift was so smitten.

The short-lived couple met for drinks in London on Jan. 24 and spent time at her hotel the next night, but things fizzled out from there. Swift was passed over for the role of Eponine in favor of British actress Samantha Barks and Redmayne wasn’t interested in a long-distance affair. Alas, this relationship was doomed. The source claimed “the elements were against them.”

The only upside of another Swift heartbreak is that she’ll write a quality song about it!

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